Installing Manim

I was hoping to generate some explanatory math videos in the style of 3blue1brown and fortunately the creator Grant Sanderson made his mathematical animation library (Manim) available at 3bib/manim. The repo has instructions for installation on Linux, but as I use Arch it was not as intuitive as I would have liked. As such I am throwing my installation process up here for anyone to duplicate that is running into trouble.

Manim Installation

These installation instructions assume you have Python3 installed and are using Anaconda/Miniconda conda environments

git clone
cd manim
conda env create --file=environment.yml
sudo pacman -S python-cairo
pip install manimlib
# It is necessary to install ffmpeg with x264 support 
conda install x264=='1!152.20180717' ffmpeg=4.0.2 -c conda-forge
# Run an example manim which should write output SquareToCircle.mp4 to .media
python -m manim SquareToCircle -pl 
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